Scientist, media theorist and businessman. Received a degree in Applied Mathematics by Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (Lima) and an MSc in Information Systems by the London School of Economics and Political Science. Has developed teaching and research activities, as well as publishing several articles on art, science, technology and society. In the private area, Mariátegui has developed business projects in the fields of advertising, filmmaking and new technologies, both in Latin America and Europe. In the public area, he was founding member of the Peruvian Government’s Comisión Nacional de la Cultura (National Culture Commision) and ad honorem director of the Casa Museo José Carlos Mariátegui. Founder of the ONG Alta Tecnología Andina (High Andean Technology, ATA), he has carried out projects in art, science and technology in Peru and in Latin America with international institutions and foundations.