Studied medicine and filmmaking. Collectionist, businessman, journalist and filmmaker. Founder and manager of Lima Films, one of Peru’s most important film and television production companies. In charge of almost 350 newscasts in film from 1955 to 1982, which led him to travel all over Peru. Ernesto Leistenschneider started the foundation’s present collection in 1960. During his journeys as filmmaker, exploring and recording the entire country, he began to discover tools and elements related to these developments. He thus approached the relation between the arts and sciences used by Peruvians in their daily life and their link to social development.

At present he is president of the heritage that bears his name and of the Instituto de Cultura Peruana (Peruvian Culture Institute, ICP), through which he disseminates issues related to the arts and techniques of Pre-Columbian cultures. He is also president of the Comité de Cinematografía (Filmmaking Committee) of the Sociedad Nacional de Industrias (National Industries Society, SNI).