The Acervo Leistenschneider

The Acervo Leistenschneider, founded with Ernesto Leistenschneider’s heritage as a private cultural non-profit association.

The Acervo Leistenschneider Collection of Pre-Columbian Arts and Sciences is unique in its class, variety and quantity. It includes an exceptional selection of the artistic, scientific and technical heritage of the Pre-Columbian cultures, areas which have not been widely investigated and are at present of high interest. It includes works from the Chavín, Paracas, Cupisnique, Vicús, Nazca, Recuay, Moche, Tiahuanaco, Lambayeque, Huari, Chimú, Ica-Chincha, Chancay and Inka cultures.

In addition to its Pre-Columbian material, the Acervo Leistenschneider has assembled one of Peru’s most important audiovisual collections, including:

• Audiovisual material on Pre-Columbian science and culture.

• An archive of Peruvian filmmaking (from 1940 to 1980) with more than 1,000 informative and advertising movies, 120 documentaries, 350 newscasts (El Nacional, CineVisión, El Informativo Nacional, Causachun and El Panamericano, among others) and more than ten feature films, many of which have won international prizes, such as the Túpac Amaru.

• Cinematographic laboratories and equipment (16 and 35 millimetres) with multiple filmmaking accessories, as well as cameras from different eras (from 1895 to 1980).